Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week One

6 Nov

Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week One

Pictured above is the bounty from the first week of our first share of the Geauga Family Farms CSA.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a CSA, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  A consumer purchases a share (sometimes offered in single shares or family shares), which entitles him or her to a proportion of output directly from a farmer or group of farmers, generally on a weekly basis for a block of a certain number of weeks.

The idea of joining a CSA appealed to me for a variety of reasons.  Primarily, I wanted to make a contribution to independent farmers in my community.  Additionally, I want to do a favor to the environment by trying to eat more local, sustainable produce.  Also, the nutrient content of vegetables begins to diminish virtually the moment the vegetable is harvested.  So, the further the vegetable is shipped, the longer it sits in the grocery store, the longer it sits in the refrigerator, the less “bang” you are getting for your buck, so to speak.  I also was enchanted by the idea of having a significant portion of our produce chosen for us, which will force me into being more creative in the kitchen.  Some people might consider that a disadvantage of a CSA, but I enjoy browsing recipes and being forced to think on my feet.

Shares for the Winter CSA through Geauga Family Farms are picked up on Saturdays, so I will make an effort to post what we get and my general impressions about the CSA experience on Saturday or Sundays.

This week, we received some beautiful baby bok choy, Annapolis lettuce (I believe), romaine lettuce (I believe), a kohlrabi, a red pepper, a bunch of radishes, a bunch of green onions, potatoes, a great deal of broccoli, a loaf of bread, and half a dozen free range brown eggs.  I’ve never cooked with kohlrabi before, so I am particularly excited about that.  I also have some tofu in the fridge which will go well with the baby bok.  My wheels are already spinning for how to use all of this fresh deliciousness!

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