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Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Two

13 Nov

Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Two

Pictured is Week Two’s yield of our Geauga Family Farms CSA share.  This week’s basket included (from left to right) two onions, a small container of Brussels sprouts, a bunch of radishes, a few beets, a kohlrabi, two peppers, a small container of cilantro, two large heads of different type’s of lettuce, a half dozen eggs, a loaf of some delicious pumpkin bread, a half dozen sweet potatoes/yams, and two heads of broccoli.

I thought I would take this opportunity every week when I post the new CSA bundle to comment on what I thought of last week’s bounty and how I utilized it.  Overall, I thought we did a great job of using pretty much everything that we got.  I was nervous that we would have a lot of leftover produce, but from last week I only have a few stray potatoes and one extra radish, which are all still good and I will certainly use.  Looking back on the week, I noticed that we ate a lot of vegetarian meals.  Most of the meat we did consume was complimentary to the dish (for example, the pancetta in the Warm Lettuce and Butter Bean Salad with Pancetta and Radish Chips) – more of a garnish than a serving – or was in stock form.  Overall, our meals this week were healthy and tasty.  Zak told me I should repeat almost everything I made, and I agreed with most of his assessments.

Basically, I really enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to use everything in the CSA basket and felt that the quality of the ingredients really elevated the dishes to a higher level.  I can’t wait to use this week’s ingredients!

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