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Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Three

20 Nov

Geagua Family Farms CSA – Week Three

Above see week three of our Geauga Family Farms CSA share.  I am super excited about this week’s bounty.  Just look how colorful it is!  Included were some very colorful carrots, a few onions, a head of cabbage, two heads of lettuce, broccoli, swiss chard with shockingly bright center ribs, a bunch of the most intensely red radishes I’ve ever seen, a half dozen or so potatoes, and a pumpkin pie.

I still have some of last week’s produce left over – a head of lettuce, a few radishes, a couple of the sweet potatoes and the kohlrabi.  I’m a little disappointed in myself for not getting to it sooner, but we had our Thanksgiving pot luck last night,  the short ribs didn’t utilize any of our produce, and Zak made B’s Sauce on Thursday because I spent the evening prepping for the pot luck.  I don’t want to make the same mistake this week, so you’ll certainly be seeing a lot of vegetable-heavy dishes this week.

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