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Cinnamon Sugar Broiled Grapefruit

10 Apr

Cinnamon, sugar and grapefruit sounds like sort of a weird combination at first, but trust me on this one – it’s delicious.  The sweetness of the cinnamon sugar is a perfect foil to the tart deliciousness of the grapefruit.  I loved the caramelized flavor and warmth of this dish as well, especially since the weathers been a bit gloomy and blah here the past few days.  The brightness of the grapefruit but the comforting warmth of the cinnamon sugar was just what the doctor ordered.  If you’re looking for something new for breakfast, this is an easy, quick dish.

Cinnamon Sugar Broiled Grapefruit

Adapted from TheKitchn

1/2 grapefruit

2 tbs. white sugar

1 tbs. cinnamon

Heat broiler.

Mix together sugar and cinnamon to create cinnamon sugar.  Spoon over grapefruit half and place in a bowl.

Broil 10-15 minutes until sugar is caramelized and grapefruit is heated through.  Let cool 5 minutes and eat while warm.

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