Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week One

18 Jun

Summer CSA – Week One

I am unbelieveably excited to be posting our bounty for the first week of our share from Geauga Family Farms CSA.  As you may recall, we participated in the winter share and were incredibly happy with the experience.  I have an inkling the summer share is going to be even better.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the CSA model, it’s fairly straight forward.  CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.”  You pay a lump sum at the beginning of the season (or, in some cases, on a week-to-week basis) and recieve a “share” of whatever is being harvested that week.  You pick up the share from a predetermined location.  The concept of a CSA is helpful to local farmers because it assists in cash flow, while allowing the consumer to have a meaningful connection with a local purveyor of produce.  Furthermore, the food is local and much fresher than what you would find from other sources.  Some CSAs allow their members a modicum of personal choice in their weekly share; others preload boxes that are non-negotiable and ready for pick up; some have a set box of produce that can be supplemented with “extras.”  Geauga Family Farms falls into the last category, providing the option (for an increased fee, on a week-to-week or season-long basis) for extras such as eggs, jams, breads, meat, and poultry.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys eating local (oftentimes organic) produce, surprises, variety in diet, are willing to make use of preservation techniques such as freezing and canning, and is not a picky eater, you may want to consider buying a share in a local CSA.  If you are the type of person who has a long list of “will not eat” or “will not try” produce, needs to plan your menu weeks in advance, or is unwilling to make good use of your freezer, the CSA concept might not be a good fit for you.

This week we received three baby bok choy, one head of green leafy lettuce, one head of red leafy lettuce, a half dozen eggs, a bunch of strawberries, and three tomatoes.  I know growing conditions have been difficult due to all of the rain, so we were told this week’s share might be a little light and it will be made up for later on in the season.  The newsletter hinted that we might be getting garlic scapes, so I was disappointed not to find them in the box.  That said, I’m overall quite happy with what we received this week.


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