Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Three

4 Jul

Summer CSA – Week Three

It’s pretty sweet to come home from vacation and have half of your week’s shopping taken care of for you.  Zak’s mom was kind enough to pick up our CSA share for us this week and then his dad brought it to the airport with him when he picked us up last night.  As a thank you (and because we still have several heads of lettuce leftover from last week), we asked them to take what they wanted from the share.  So, the picture above is missing a head or so of red lettuce that was included in our basket.

Pictured, you see a really giant onion with greens, a small box of strawberries, two tomatoes, a head of leafy green lettuce, two large zucchini, a bunch of carrots, some collard greens (I think), and a bunch of small green onions.

From last week’s haul, I made another batch of homemade strawberry jam, grilled dill sockeye salmon and vegetables, which included some of the garlic scapes, zucchini, and green onions, garlic scape pesto pasta, which included some of the zucchini, garlic scapes, and lettuce, quinoa and zucchini salad with red wine vinaigrette, which included some of the tomato, zucchini, and lettuce, green eggs and “ham,” which included garlic scapes, some of the homemade bread, and the remaining tomato, and several salads for lunch, which helped me use some more of the lettuce.  We couldn’t use up the tail end of the bread before it went bad and still have some lettuce leftover, but most of that stems from the fact that we were out of town starting on Thursday.

For this week, I have plans for a vegetable-filled risotto, a grilled panzanella salad, and baked beans with collard greens and a roast chicken – among some other things, I’m sure.


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