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Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Seven

30 Jul

Summer CSA – Week Seven

In this week’s share, we received a pint of lovely cherry tomatoes, three red tomatoes, a large sweet onion, 2 large cucumbers, 2 yellow squash, a head of leafy red lettuce, and a half dozen pickling cucumbers.  As you can see in the picture, I added a dozen eggs as an extra.  At only $3/dozen, these farm fresh eggs are well worth the price.  As with the vegetables and fruits, the difference in flavor due to the freshness is really noticeable.

I still have two bulbs of kohlrabi from two weeks back, as well as a couple of tomatoes, one from last week and one from the week before.  I also have ayellow squash and half a head of cabbage leftover.  I ended up throwing a head of lettuce from week five that I found wilted in the back of my crisper into some homemade chicken stock I have simmering on the stove, but other than that, I’ve used most everything.  As predicted, I used most of the fruit by stirring it into some plain Greek yogurt or by itself for a morning snack at work.  My slow cooker sweet onion soup used the gorgeous sweet onion from last week.  The sweet onions we’ve been receiving from the CSA are to-die-for, and certainly made the onion soup extra sweet and delicious.  I used the entire carton of multicolored cherry and grape tomatoes in the roasted cherry tomato and herbed ricotta tart, which I ate as leftovers both cold and room temperature and could not get enough of.  I think I liked it best cold because the tomatoes were so sweet they tasted like candy.  I used CSA beets, potatoes, and cabbage in my barley borscht.  This morning, I used all of our pickling cukes, including the ones received today, to make some refrigerator dill pickles, the recipe for which I will be posting in the next few days (assuming they turned out okay!).

So far, I don’t have any solid plans for this week.  I’m definitely thinking about a couple of pasta dishes, but haven’t decided exactly what direction to take them in yet.  I’ll probably also make a cucumber and onion salad.  Zak really loved the ratatouille I made a few weeks back, so perhaps I’ll make a variation on that.  Zak just brought home some fillets of wild Alaskan cod and semolina pasta, so I’m thinking about breading it with some fresh bread crumbs, cooking it up in a pan, and serving it over some pasta with squash and tomatoes.  Other than that, I really don’t know – but with these delicious, fresh ingredients, I’m sure anything I decide to make will be pretty darn good.

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