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Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Eight

6 Aug

Summer CSA – Week 8

In this week’s share, we received a green bell pepper, a sweet onion, two large heads of red leafy lettuce, two small hot peppers, a cucumber, a pint of multicolored cherry tomatoes, a yellow squash, a small head of garlic, a zucchini, a pint of really gorgeous blackberries, some green beans, and a tomato.  I am really excited about both the size and variation of this week’s share.

From last week, I have leftover two tomatoes, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and two cucumbers.  I also have one bulb of kohlrabi leftover from week five which is looking a little pathetic.  I added a head of lettuce to my stock bag, but didn’t have to toss anything.  I used the pickling cucumbers and sweet onion from last week to make some refrigerator dill pickles that turned out crispy, crunchy, dill-y, and wonderful.  My breaded fan-fried cod with roasted vegetable Israeli couscous used a yellow squash and a tomato.  I’m glad I finally got around to making the Israeli couscous, because it was healthy and full of flavor.  I used kohlrabi and cabbage from week five to make the coleslaw from the wonton tacos with slow cooker carnitas and coleslaw that I made.  As I noted, the rhubarb from the spiced rhubarb pickles was from week four, which just goes to show you how important it is to make use of perhaps unfamiliar techniques such as canning and pickling  to make full use of a CSA.  Finally, the browned garlic and yellow squash gnocchi utilized the yellow squash.  I used up some other odds and ends in a salad I had for lunch one day this week.

With all the variation in this week’s share, it’s hard to decide ahead of time what to make.  I am definitely going to make a gazpacho with some of the cucumber and tomatoes I have sitting around.  I’ll also probably make some garlic sautéed green beans as a side dish.  That leafy lettuce will definitely end up in a delicious lunch salad along with some of the other vegetables.  I think the blackberries will mostly wind up eaten with plain Greek yogurt, although I’m tempted to make a ricotta and blackberry tart as well – so we’ll see.  Overall, I’m probably just going to see where our cravings take us.

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