Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Ten

20 Aug

Summer CSA – Week Ten

This week, we received a huge bunch of basil, a head of red leafy lettuce, a pint of multi-colored cherry tomatoes, a small cabbage, two green bell peppers, six peaches, an eggplant, a hot pepper, a watermelon, and six tomatoes.  I ordered extras, including local honey, 100% grass-fed farmer’s cheese, and a dozen eggs.  I’m really excited about the awesome variation in this week’s share, especially the herbs.

From last week, I still have part of the lettuce, three peaches, a tomato, a cucumber, and half of the watermelon.  We went out to eat twice last week, which always means more leftovers.  As I said in last week’s post, the cheesy corn and potato chowder used some local Ohio sweet corn and CSA potatoes from awhile back.  The roasted chicken over vegetables used a kohlrabi bulb from long ago in the brine as well as a tomato and a zucchini from the CSA.  I used CSA grape tomatoes in my goat cheese and roasted tomato polenta with a baked egg.  The chickpeas with turmeric roasted vegetables used a Hungarian hot pepper and some cherry tomatoes from the CSA.  My injury-inducing triple pepper beef short ribs in peach and tomato sauce with seared crimini mushrooms used CSA tomatoes, a peach, a green bell pepper and a Hungarian hot pepper.  I used a zucchini from the CSA for my soy roasted zucchini.  Finally, the cucumber and squash chicken salad used up a cucumber, a yellow squash, and a whole mess of fresh lettuce.

With this week’s produce, I will almost certainly be making a batch of pesto.  Hopefully I will have enough to throw some in the freezer.  I will probably make a peach tart of some kind, since Zak is mildly allergic to peaches unless they’re cooked and I didn’t finish eating all of them last week by myself.  I think I’ll make some baba ghanouj with the eggplant.  Other than that, I’ll just see where things take me.

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