Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Eleven

27 Aug

Summer CSA – Week Eleven

In our share this week, we received a watermelon, a bunch of beets with greens, a pint of grape tomatoes, four large tomatoes, some green beans, a patty pan squash, five peaches, and two green bell peppers.  I didn’t order any extras this week.  I’m very excited for the reappearance of beets, since we’re such huge fans in this household.  I’m also happy to see patty pan squash, because I’ve never worked with it and love experimenting with new ingredients.

As leftovers, we have a watermelon, a few cherry tomatoes, a cucumber, and a tiny bit of the basil.  The whole grilled lemon-parsley barramundi did not use any CSA ingredients, but I can’t feel too badly because it was such a success.   The baba ghanouj used the eggplant from last week.  The peach tart comprised of a bunch of the peaches from both last week and the week before.  The cabbage and rice casserole made use of the entire cabbage, most of a green pepper, and two fresh tomatoes from the CSA.  The fresh and delicious basil and parsley pesto used the majority of the CSA basil.  Cherry tomatoes, green bell pepper, and basil and parsley pesto all made an appearance in the roasted tomato and pepper pesto frittata.  I also made a slow cooker tomato soup that used CSA tomatoes, the recipe for which I will be posting in the next several days.

For this week, I plan to make some sort of watermelon-based cocktail.  As for the peaches, I plan to make some form of peach jam.  I’m hoping to make some form of a lightened-up green bean casserole.  I will almost certainly be roasting up the beets and sautéeing their greens.  I’m considering doing polenta and tomato stuffed green peppers, though I haven’t decided.  I am certainly planning on knocking out the peach jam and the green bean casserole tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about cooking as much during the week.

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