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Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Twelve

5 Sep

Summer CSA – Week Twelve

First off, I would like to apologize for the delay in posting this week’s CSA share.  We had a busy Labor Day weekend and, despite my best intentions, simply didn’t get around to it.  So, without further ado …

In this week’s share, we received a bunch of basil, five heirloom tomatoes (red, green, and yellow), green beans, a watermelon, a pint of cherry tomatoes, lettuce, a pepper, three cobs of sweet corn, and a patty pan squash.  I also received a dozen eggs and two types of cheese – 100 % grass fed smoked cheddar and monterey jack – as extras.  I was very impressed with the 100% grass-fed farmer’s cheese I received in week ten.  The flavor was incredible, so I couldn’t resist getting a couple other types of cheese to try them out.  I’m a sucker for cheese, after all.

As leftovers, we had a bit of lettuce, the watermelon, a tomato, and a couple of beets.  Most of that will be going into my stock bag, although the tomato went bad and was attracting fruit flies so I had to toss it.  The slow cooker tomato soup used up several CSA tomatoes as well as a good amount of basil.  My spice-rubbed grilled chicken thighs and Brussels sprouts didn’t use any CSA ingredients, but is my new favorite way to eat Brussels sprouts and made Zak very happy.  My green bean casserole with caramelized onions used CSA green beans, tomatoes, and farmer’s cheese.  The basil and watermelon cocktail used CSA basil and loads of watermelon.  We drank up the excess juice quickly because it was so delicious and refreshing.  The orange and cinnamon peach preserves used up CSA peaches and have been well-loved on bread and as an addition to oatmeal.  I also used CSA ingredients in two recipes I’ve yet to post, savory baked oatmeal and egg and polenta stuffed green peppers, as well as a few I probably won’t bother posting, including some grilled vegetables with halloumi that was delicious but almost criminally simple and lacking a picture.

For this week, I am certainly going to use up my extra watermelon and the new watermelon to make more watermelon juice.  I will probably make a stir fry with some of the green beans and squash along with some leftovers we have from a hibachi place we went to yesterday.  The sweet corn will probably be used simply on the cob with some butter, salt and pepper.  I’m still trying to dig up some ideas for the tomatoes, although I’m thinking of making a simple tomato and basil salad with at least some of them.

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