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Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Thirteen

10 Sep

Summer CSA – Week Thirteen

In this week’s share, we received a bounty of goodness, including half a dozen ears of corn, a watermelon, lettuce, five tomatoes, a single really hot pepper (or so Zak was told when he went to pick up the share), a bunch of green beans, about a dozen apples, a green pepper, and half a dozen really pretty multicolored mild tomatoes.  I am particularly excited about having three different varieties of peppers on hand.

Though the recipes I posted this week certainly don’t reflect it, the only leftovers we have from last week’s regular share are a bit of the lettuce, a little bit of basil, and half of the patty-pan squash.  I’m lucky enough to still have some of the eggs and most of the cheese as well.  I did have to toss some of the cherry tomatoes because they went bad really quickly.  The only recipe I’ve yet posted that made use of the CSA ingredients was the tomato and basil toasts, featuring CSA tomatoes and basil and paired with corn for a light dinner.  I’m hoping the corn this week is a little better than last weeks which was, in all honesty, a bit lackluster – not particularly sweet.  Clearly, the long weekend put me a bit behind schedule in posting, but I do have a few more recipes I will definitely post that feature CSA ingredients.  These include panko crusted tomatoes and pasta, pickle and beer-brined oven-braised chicken thighs with crispy roasted green beans, and tomato and squash baked quinoa.

This week, I’m going to be making more watermelon juice (I am seriously addicted).  Since I didn’t get around to a stir-fry last week, I’m thinking I’ll make one that features the green beans and spicy pepper.  Because Zak can’t eat raw apples, I’m going to have to find a way to cook up at least some of them (maybe apple butter?).  I’m thinking I will freeze at least half of the tomatoes to have around for when winter rolls in.  I’m not sure what to do about the corn, but I’m going to boil off about half of it today or tomorrow.  That way, I can cut it off the cob whenever I want to add it to something.  Now that school has started, I like to get at least a chunk of my cooking or prep work done over the weekend, when I have bit more free time.

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