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Geauga Family Farms CSA – Week Eighteen

15 Oct

Summer CSA – Week Eighteen

Unfortunately, Zak and I majorly slept in today and missed the pick up window for the CSA.  So, I don’t have this week’s haul to share with you.  It’s a real bummer not to have beautiful fresh produce in the kitchen.

From last week, I still have a few apples, a bit of lettuce, one eggplant, some garlic, some potatoes, and some red onions.  Potatoes, garlic, and onions are all great pantry staples, so I’m happy to have some in stock.  I admittedly have been spotty about posting the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been staying later at school than usual and thus on relying on old standbys and quick, tasty, but unworthy-of-sharing pasta dishes and salads more than usual.  The apple butter glazed meatloaf I posted didn’t use a whole heck of a lot of CSA ingredients other than the onion, although I did use CSA apples in my original slow cooker apple butter and served it alongside some simple mashed CSA potatoes.  One night, Zak made a delicious and ginormous salad using crispy roasted green beans and mounds of CSA vegetables that was phenomenal.  The slow cooker lentil and black bean chili used CSA onions and green peppers.  I used a lot of the other vegetables in an amazing ratatouille – however, I’ve posted the recipe I used before and didn’t make many variations other than the included vegetables.

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