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Geagua Family Farms CSA – Week Nineteen

22 Oct

Summer CSA – Week Nineteen

In this week’s share, we received a bunch of potatoes, a super-ginormously huge giant head of bok choy, a head of green lettuce, a head of garlic, a tomato, a red pepper, a dozen or so apples, a bunch of what I believe to be kale, and a small bag of spinach.  Zak is absolutely delighted by the bok choy, it is definitely one of his favorite ingredients.

I don’t have any leftovers from last week because, well, we didn’t pick up our share like a couple of knuckleheads.  Nor did my posts from this week make use of CSA ingredients, so I won’t bother doing a recap.

As far as plans for this week go, I am nearly as excited as Zak for the bok choy.  He’ll certainly be cooking up a portion of it to his liking, and I am planning on braising some in sesame oil and stock.  A stir fry with the pepper and some of the bok choy will probably be in the works.  I want to make either an apple pie or apple sauce with the apples – I’m not sure which.  My dad is having a clam bake today, so I’m hoping to get some leftover liquid and make spinach and polenta soup.  As usual, we shall see!

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