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Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Twenty

29 Oct

Summer CSA – Week Twenty

With this week’s share, our summer CSA share has drawn to a close.  In our final week’s share, we received a bag of small potatoes, a bag of Yummy orange peppers, a head of garlic, four turnips with greens, a green bell pepper, a bunch of green onions, a large bunch of kale, a head of cabbage, and a bag of apples.  I am particularly excited to see the turnips and the kale.  I love both of the greens as well pretty much any root vegetable.

From last week’s share, I have left a whole mess of apples, most of the potatoes, some garlic, and a green bell pepper.  I slacked off in posting this week because I made a lot of repeat recipes.  My favorite of the week was spinach and polenta soup, which made use of the garlic and spinach as well as some broth from a delicious clambake my dad hosted.  I slightly changed my previous recipe by substituting for some of the butter accumulated fat from atop the clam stock, adding some crushed red pepper flakes, and adding a tablespoon or two of hot sauce.  I liked the hint of heat and think it improved the recipe overall.  I also made some simple dishes like a lettuce wrap with leftover chicken from the clambake that made use of the lettuce and tomato.  Zak made a stir fry with rice and noodles that used up the bok choy and the rest of the tomato.  The other two recipes I posted, the grilled lemon-dill striped bass and grilled melted leeks and spicy hangover baked eggs and oatmeal did not use any CSA ingredients.  I was definitely a slacker as far as posting and using my ingredients in new and creative ways, but even my simple and un-postworthy dishes were delicious thanks to the freshness of the produce.

This week, I plan to make some mashed turnips (perhaps mixed with a potato or two) as a side one night.  I’m going to make a vegetable lasagna with some of the kale and turnip greens tomorrow to heat up one evening this week.  I need to find something to do with all of the apples, so I’m thinking a few pies will be in the works – maybe I’ll throw one of them in the freezer for Thanksgiving.  Later this evening, I hope to roast off some of the peppers to freeze for the winter.  I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do with the cabbage, though I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Overall, I was (again) happy with the CSA experience.  There were a few light weeks due to the weather, but I can’t complain about it too much.  I particularly enjoyed the fact that there was online ordering for extras.  There was good variety between the weeks.  I could always do with a little less lettuce, but that’s only because there are only so many salads I can tolerate in a week (and it’s probably less than the average person).  Ditto for the apples – then again, I’m not much of a baker, and Zak can’t eat them out of hand due to an allergy. Other than that, I’m happy as a clam – lots of peppers, potatoes, and onions.  My very minimal gripes stem only from personal preference.  The quality of the produce was very good overall, with only a few pieces of produce here and there that were not 100%.  We signed up for a winter share as well, which will be starting on Thursday.  So, while I’m sad that the summer season is over, I can’t complain.  We’ll be getting a whole new batch of veggies in just a few days!

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