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Geagua Family Farms – Winter Share – Week One

3 Nov

Geauga Family Farms – Winter Share – Week One

Happily for me, I only had to wait a few days between the end of the summer CSA and the beginning of the winter share.  I still have a lot leftover from our last summer share – but I definitely welcome the gorgeous fresh produce above.

In this week’s share, we received a loaf of homemade whole wheat bread, a bunch of half a dozen or so turnips with greens (plus one pink turnip-looking thing that is bunched in with the turnips, so I am assuming is a pink turnip), a green pepper, five large beets with greens, a large bag of potatoes, a little butternut squash, two smallish bok choy, a large heart of green leafy lettuce, a bag of mixed greens, about a dozen Yummy orange peppers, and half a dozen brown eggs that are hidden by one vegetable or another.

I’m actually really excited about the bread and eggs, as I’d meant to order both as extras and forgotten to do so.  I usually keep some run-of-the-mill grocery store eggs in the fridge for emergencies, but they really pale in comparison.  We have a whole mess of potatoes accumulated over the past several weeks of the summer CSA, so I need to find a way to use up a bunch of them.  I really wish potatoes froze better, because it would be nice to make a bunch of potato gratin and scalloped potatoes for the holidays – but alas.

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