Geauga Family Farms Winter CSA – Week Four

2 Dec

Winter CSA – Week Four

After a week off for Thanksgiving, we’re back into the CSA swing of things.  This week, I ordered some extras – a dozen eggs and some smoked cheddar.  In our share, we received half a dozen eggs, a bag of carrots, two lovely daikon radishes, some red lettuce, a crown of broccoli, a head of green lettuce, two Godzilla-sized sweet potatoes, a really lovely head of red cabbage, and pumpkin bread.

Because I also bought some eggs at the grocery store last weekend, I am absolutely swimming in eggs.  And lettuce – some of the lettuce from two weeks ago is still perky and usable, so I need a way to use up some of that.  The cold weather just doesn’t make me crave salad, it makes me crave starch and carbs and cheese and soup.  Maybe I can make cheesy lettuce soup with potatoes?  Sounds kinda gross, I guess.

I do know that I am going to make a radish-green pesto as one dish this week.  I will probably also make a fritatta with some of my copious eggs – it will also be a great way to use some roasted radishes.  I already used the broccoli in a delicious roasted broccoli and quinoa dish, the recipe for which I will post in the next few days.  I also want to make some sort of bahn mi to use some of the sweet pickled daikon radish and lovely red cabbage.  I just have to decide what type of banh mi to make and whether I want to bake the bread myself (or, more accurately, ask Zak to bake it).

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