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Geauga Family Farms Winter CSA – Week Six

15 Dec

GFF Winter CSA – Week Six

In this week’s CSA share, we received a bag of a lot of big baking  sweet potatoes, a bag of smaller potatoes, an acorn squash, a head of green lettuce, a loaf of whole wheat bread, a bag of broccoli, a head of red lettuce, a small green cabbage, and half a dozen eggs (not pictured).  We also ordered a small beef package as an extra, which included a bevy of grass-fed beef including ground beef, a roast, and sirloin, t-bone, and porterhouse steaks.  We’re splitting the package with my parents, so I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be keeping yet (other than a bunch of ground beef – I can’t wait to make some chili!).

I am proud of myself for using more lettuce than usual last week.  I made a lot of over-easy and poached eggs on top of lettuce with a splash of vinegar (balsamic or rice wine) as a delicious late breakfast or lunch – the creamy yolk combines with the vinegar to provide a delicious dressing of sorts.  We have some leftover potatoes (regular and sweet potato), onions, butternut squash, and cauliflower.  Each of the delicious lamb stews that I prepared used up lots of CSA ingredients, as did the sweet potato and carrot soup.  I also made a side dish chock full of roasted CSA ingredients I will be posting in the next few days [roasted carrots and cauliflower with kale].

I am really excited to see more bread.  The last two loaves have had little “slice marks” from the baking pan on the bottom which I enjoy – it makes it easier to get uniform slices for things like toast!  I’ve been eating lots of bread as toast with eggs since I’ve been home later in the morning studying for exams – a slice of whole wheat bread dipped in creamy, organic, free-range egg yolk is my idea of gorgeous comfort food.  I’m definitely going to be using up some of the potatoes in a gratin for the holidays.  Other than that, I’m not too sure.  I’m definitely looking for quick, easy, and comforting due to the stress of finals.  I’m prepared to kick butt on my evidence exam tomorrow, but am really nervous for my two exams next week – which means I need comfort food!

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