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Dijon-Chive Baked Eggs

27 Feb

Sorry, ladies and gents, no pictures for this one.  A bunch of my recent food shots got accidentally deleted.  But I couldn’t resist posting this, despite the fact that it’s another baked eggs recipe.  After all, I do eat them a few times a week.  So when I post a recipe for baked eggs – albeit I’ve done it many times – it is a particularly good version.  Cream, mustard, and chives are a classic combination for a reason.  It’s transcendence in a bite.  Add a couple of gorgeous eggs and a well-suited cheese, and you have a decadent meal that is ready in less than twenty minutes (maybe twenty five, if you count heating up the oven).  Which is super important to me, given the fact that my schedule has been insane with school, work, and moot court the last couple of months.  Luckily, moot court is finally (finally!!!!) over, so I’ll be able to be back in the kitchen and not consider “done in half an hour” an absolute necessity.  But this is so delicious I would put in a much greater time investment, if required.  So, despite the fact that I have a good chunk of other baked egg recipes, I thought I would share this particular recipe with you.

Dijon-Chive Baked Eggs

2 free range eggs

1/4 cup dubliner cheese, shredded

1/3 cup 1% milk

2 tsp. Dijon mustard

2 tbs. fresh chives, roughly chopped

Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper

Preheat oven to 375°.

Add about half of the cheese and half of the chives to an oven proof bowl.  Crack eggs on top, careful not the break the yolks.  Season with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Whisk together the mustard and milk until well combined.  Gently pour over the eggs.  Add remaining cheese and chives.

Transfer to oven and bake 15-18 minutes.  If desired, serve with toast.

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