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Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Eight

1 Sep

Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Eight

In this week’s share, we received a white and a red onion, four beets, four large tomatoes, a bag of peppers (either banana or Hungarian hot, I have to taste them to be sure), a pint of multi-colored heirloom cherry and grape tomatoes, a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, a bag of green beans, two heads of lettuce, and a large patty pan squash.

Leftover from last week is a tad bit of lettuce, the green beans, and the Swiss chard.  I did throw out a little bit of super wilted lettuce, but not all that much.  Naturally, there are still some onions and potatoes hanging around in the pantry – but I don’t count those as extras so much as necessary pantry items.

A lot of the recipes I posted this past week didn’t use any CSA ingredients.  On the other hand, the vegetarian burrito bowl used a whole bunch of them – onions, vegetable stock made large with leavings from the CSA, esquites made with CSA corn, and fajitas made with green bell pepper, red bell pepper, Yummy orange peppers, and onions.  I didn’t get around to making any crispy green beans, so those are on the menu for this week.  The rhubarb was used to make a really delicious dressing that will be showing up in the next post or two (and probably a few times over again after that, because it’s been delicious on a bunch of different things).  Using half of a leftover green bell pepper, I made a fried green bell pepper sandwich (I’m kind of addicted to them, to be honest).

Plans for this week, as I mentioned, include some crispy roasted green beans.  I also want to roast the beets, perhaps pairing them with some spicy sautéed peppers (assuming those peppers have some heat in them).  We have a ton of tomatoes, especially because my dad gave me a Brandywine and a few others.  I definitely want to use some of our fancy new salt on some thick tomato slices.  I’m also thinking a tomato soup would be nice, since I haven’t made any this summer and it’s one of my favorites.  Other than that, things are up in the air – which is just fine by me.

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