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Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Eleven

22 Sep

Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Eleven

In this week’s share, we received a head of lettuce, two large kohlrabi with greens attached, several red onions, an orange bell pepper, a green bell pepper, over a dozen apples, over half a dozen sweet potatoes, a bunch of lacinato kale, and a large bunch of basil.

Our leftovers are fairly minimal.  I threw out a few odds and ends of lettuce that were looking pretty grim and some of the bok choy.  I have a patty pan and yellow squash still hanging about, as well a bunch of green beans and a tomato or two.  I ate a few apples, but intentionally saved the rest hoping to get more so I could make some homemade pectin.  Luckily, that gamble paid off.

I roasted off both of the eggplant to make some baba ghanouj, which I intended to do as soon as Zak clears out of the kitchen (he’s currently bottling some beer).  The artichoke heart stuffed peppers used some Red Carmen peppers from a few weeks back.  The clam and corn soup with kale and barley used both reserved corn cobs and kale.

I have a few concrete ideas for this week’s produce.  One of those kohlrabi is getting sliced up to dip in the aforementioned baba ghanouj.  Tonight, I am making kale and ricotta semolina ravioli in a white wine and basil sauce.  To say the least, that will knock off most of the kale and basil.  With any remaining kale and the kohlrabi greens, I plan to make a warm salad wilted in olive oil and fat reserved from my garlic parmesan duck wings, topped with some rye bread crumbs – probably alongside a baked sweet potato.  As I said, I’ll be making some homemade pectin with the apples.

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