Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Fourteen

14 Oct

Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Fourteen

Look at those pretty, pretty colors!  This week, we received a head of red lettuce, Swiss chard, a head of garlic, butternut squash, Yummy orange peppers, a dozen apples, a green bell pepper, and a red bell pepper.

Leftovers from last week include some sweet potatoes and the spaghetti squash.  Some of the orange peppers had to go in the trash, but almost everything else got used up.  I was pretty irritated I had to throw the peppers out, but when menu planning I had forgotten I was going to be out of town on Friday and Saturday (at the Notre Dame game with my dad and some close family friends – it was worth standing in the rain all day to watch the Irish beat Stanford in OT!).  We also went out for pho on Tuesday, since we decided to vote early.

All of that said, we did a good job of using up our CSA produce.  I still plan to do the spaghetti squash in a gorgonzola sauce, but simply never got around to it last week.  Granted, the Jarlsberg and ricotta mustardy mac and cheese didn’t use anything from the CSA.  However, I made a homemade apple cider (recipe to be posted soon!) with the apples.  Additionally, the sweet potato and black bean enchiladas used CSA sweet potatoes.

One dish I have my heart set on for this week is some wilted Swiss chard with a warm bacon vinaigrette (which I think will be a Kelsey-only dish, since try as I might to convince Zak bacon isn’t a meat, but a condiment, he won’t believe me …).  Luckily, I think it will be pretty easy to divide the greens into two pans, and whip up a warm garlic and lemon vinaigrette for him to use in place of mine.  This week’s orange peppers WILL get used in a chile relleno spin off, because I have been looking forward to it for awhile now and I think it will be really yummy.  I think I’ll bake something with the apples despite my lack of baking prowess.  Now that I have two butternut squashes laying around, I need to brainstorm an idea for those.  As much as I enjoy them simply baked with some brown sugar, I was inspired by my unexpected success with the sweet potatoes, so I might do a Tex-Mex spin on them.  No matter what, I’m really excited for this week’s fresh produce.

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