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Brown Butter and Garlic Pasta with a Fried Egg

26 Oct

This dish might not be the prettiest, but it was absolutely divine in flavor.  I had a bit of the mishap with the eggs and the yolks got overcooked slightly, but it was still absolutely delicious.  In the future, I will take care to keep the yolks runny and perfect.  I will also use homemade or fresh, rather than frozen, pasta.  The rich flavors of the brown butter and garlic were delicious, comforting and warm.  Although he initially seemed skeptical about the idea of an egg with pasta, as soon as Zak took his first bite he told me that I would have to make this again soon because he absolutely loved it.  Though it’s important to take care to make sure the butter doesn’t burn, this dish is fast and easy and comes together in the time it takes to boil the water and cook the pasta.

Brown Butter and Garlic Pasta with a Fried Egg

Serves 2 (with leftover pasta and sauce.  Cook 2 more eggs to serve 4.)

Adapted from Saveur.com

16 oz. frozen Gia Russell cavatelli with ricotta, cooked according to package instructions 1/2 cup of cooking liquid reserved

2 tbs. unsalted butter

3 tbs. Brummel & Brown or other butter substitute

1 tbs. olive oil

1/2 cup pine nuts

3 large cloves garlic, minced

Freshly cracked black pepper

1 tbs. chives, finely chopped

1/2 cup grated Parmesan

2 jumbo brown eggs

In a large skillet, melt butter, Brummel & Brown, and heat olive oil.  Add pine nuts and cook, stirring frequently, for roughly 10 minutes until lightly golden brown.  Remove from skillet with a slotted spoon and set aside in a small bowl.

Add garlic to pan and sauté three to four minutes until tender.

Working in batches if necessary, add eggs to butter.  Season with freshly cracked black pepper and cook, spooning butter over yolks, until yolks are lightly set and whites are cooked through.  Remove eggs from butter sauce and keep warm.

At this point, the butter should have taken on a light golden brown color.  If not, keep butter over medium-low heat for a few more minutes until butter is lightly browned.

Add cooked pasta and pine nuts (reserving some for garnish).  Slowly add reserved pasta liquid, stirring constantly, and simmer 1-2 minutes until a sauce forms from the browned butter.  Add most of chives (reserving some for garnish) and half of Parmesan.  Stir thoroughly to combine.  Place in a serving dish and top with remaining pine nuts, chives, and eggs.

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