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Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Thirteen

6 Oct

Geauga Family Farms Summer CSA – Week Thirteen

In this week’s CSA, we received some sweet potatoes, three varieties of bell pepper (green, red, and I think an heirloom?), two heads of garlic, a spaghetti squash, and a dozen apples.

Leftovers from last week include lettuce (just like every other week …), some green onions, the Yummy orange peppers, and the red pepper.  The butternut squash is still hanging around as well, but I consider that a pantry item with a long shelf life, not necessarily a “leftover.”  I threw out a green pepper that went bad in the blink of an eye, and a lot of the basil wilted quickly and was relegated to the stock bag.

As predicted, I used the apples to make slow cooker apple butter, which is one of my favorite fall treats.  The creamy kohlrabi soup used kohlrabi from a few weeks back, as well as onions, garlic, and vegetable stock made largely from CSA trimmings.  The crispy sweet potato chips used CSA sweet potatoes from two weeks ago.  Zak made eggplant parmesan one evening when I had classes until late using CSA eggplant (plus canned tomatoes from my dad’s garden – yum!).

Using some sweet potatoes, I want to make spicy honey glazed sweet potato and black bean tacos (or maybe burritos).  I want to make some homemade apple cider with the apples, since we never manage to eat them all out of hand anyway and it’s such a quintessentially fall thing … and fall is here now.

For the first time I think in my entire life, I am actually excited about it.  Maybe it has to do with the ridiculously hot summer we had, or maybe I’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that Cleveland winters suck and I have to deal with it, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy fall.  Either way, I’m loving the crisp, cool temperatures and all of the colors and I know I will love the smell of apples and spices simmering on the stove top tomorrow afternoon.  I am loving not having to plan using the oven around the weekly weather report, and really looking forward to all of the homey, comforting dishes that fall produce lends itself to.

Zak loves spaghetti squash used in a play off of traditional spaghetti, so I will be doing something like this, but paired with a light and creamy gorgonzola sauce.  Since leftover peppers are always a challenge, I really want to find a way to use them this week – one of them will do well in the sweet potato taco.  I still want to try those Yummy orange peppers chile relleno style, so perhaps I’ll put that on the books for tomorrow.  Since we both have Monday off, I get an extra day of lazy kitchen time, which is always appreciatiated.

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